E Aschermann Skat Club Cigars

Born in Germany in 1834, Edward Aschermann emigrated to the United States around the age of sixteen. Quickly assimilating as a new immigrant, Aschermann didn't wait very long to establish his own cigar making business. As early as 1859 Aschermann opened his first factory....
Author's Rendition of a Hussey's Special Message Post Messenger En Route

Long before the days of email, faxes, Federal Express, and electronic wire transfers there existed Hussey's Instant Special Message Post. The brainchild of George Tuttle Hussey, his business provided same day delivery service of important documents and negotiable instruments...
John Hanna Tobacconist, Detroit, Michigan

As early as the middle of the 16th Century, less than 100 years after Columbus’ journey to the new world, tobacco was readily farmed and consumed by Europeans who voyaged and settled in the Americas. Long cultivated by Native Americans, Europeans quickly adopted a knack for growing it...
1872 Allegheny City Wood Engraving

Allegheny City was located just across the Allegheny River from downtown Pittsburgh, PA. It is now known simply as “the North Side” (See figure 1). Allegheny was long ago absorbed by the growing city of Pittsburgh, but its memory lives on......

Henry D. Higgins was one of the earliest settlers of Mishawaka Indiana. Born on his father’s farm near Syracuse New York in 1822, Higgins was a grandchild of a Revolutionary War veteran who emigrated to America from England. His father, William Higgins, was raised by an uncle in New York

Below is a comprehensive index of Mossin & Marr’s Patriotic Civil War dies. In addition to being used as Patriotics, the dies were utilized as “stock” reverses for many of Mossin & Marr’s storecards.  A total of five stock dies have been identified

Below is a comprehensive index of Mossin & Marr’s Store Card emissions and dies. In addition to being used as storecards, many of the reverse dies were also utilized as “stock” for many of Mossin & Marr’s Civil War Patriotics. 

In 1846 Philip Reymer, a headstrong twenty-two year old with an entrepreneurial streak, partnered with Pittsburgher R.J. Anderson and opened a confectionery store in downtown part of the city.  Born on June 28th 1824, Reymer had by a young age already established himself

James Kennedy was born at Armagh, Ireland, September 9, 1832. and emigrated to Canada when he was 17 years old. He first settled in Brampton, Canada, but soon thereafter moved to the United States. He first took residence in Michigan City, Indiana.

Referred to as the first Confederate Cent by historians and numismatists alike, cent-sized tokens issued by a hotel in Alexandria Virginia began appearing in transactions throughout the Commonwealth. Originating from the Marshall House Hotel in 1859