Please direct all sales and research inquiries to the appropriate email address.  Nova Numismatics encourages correspondance with those who are interested in furthering numismatic research. Over the years many numismatists have labored long hours correlating, amassing, and reconstructing the histories and context of exonumismatic pieces.

Much remains to be discovered!

Please do not send orders or correspondence to my New York address.
Please do not send orders or correspondence to my New York address.

For those who wish to be included in future MAIL BID auctions, please send your request in an email with the subject line: ADD-MAILBID.

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  1. I recently received a George T. Hussey Special Message Token and I was trying to learn more about George T. Hussey. I did learn from your short article he did retire in 1875 but I have not been able to learn when he was born or died. I am a retired physician and I love to do research but I have reached a dead end and I was hoping you might be able to help me.

    1. Author

      Hi Michael –

      Thank you for your enquiry. Going back to my research notes, “George Tuttle Hussey was born February 27, 1812, the posthumous son of George Hussey II (d. 1811).” He “died July 3, 1890, aged 78, and was survived by his wife, Mary Jane Alexander, and two children, Mary Hussey Blair and George Alexander Hussey.” I do not have in my notes where he was born, nor where he died.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      Aaron Packard

      1. charles j. raine token with out 139 main st.

  2. Hi- I am writing a book about the history of laborers of Western Maryland and would like permission to use two of the saw mill photos with employees in it for the book.

    1. Author

      Hi Andrew –

      I grant approvals as long as Nova Numismatics is cited as a source in the publication.

      Please contact me via email at the address provided in the ‘contact’ section of this site to obtain the necessary written permission.


      Aaron Packard

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