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New York’s Crystal Palace & The H.B. West Tokens

Jun 17, 20218 min read
The brainchild of a German immigrant, New York’s Crystal Palace was built in the early 1850s as an exhibition hall. Inspired by London’s famous Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, entrepreneur and promoter Christian E. Detmold had a dream to erect a similar venue in the United States…

Edward Aschermann’s Cigar & Tobacco Tokens

Jun 26, 20215 min read
Born in Germany in 1834, Edward Aschermann emigrated to the United States around the age of sixteen. Quickly assimilating as a new immigrant, Aschermann didn’t wait very long to establish his own cigar making business. As early as 1859 Aschermann opened his first factory….

George T. Hussey & His Special Message Tokens

Jun 25, 20214 min read
Long before the days of email, faxes, Federal Express, and electronic wire transfers there existed Hussey’s Instant Special Message Post. The brainchild of George Tuttle Hussey, his business provided same day delivery service of important documents and negotiable instruments…